Withdrawal of Precision Yacht Paint Brand

Following the very successful re-launch of our Teamac Marine range we have reluctantly taken the decision to withdraw our Precision Yacht Paints brand.

Precision developed its loyal following because of its performance and ease of use, Teamac Marine offers the same quality and ease of application in a much larger range of colours, finishes and applications.

Teal & Mackrill have been manufacturing marine paints in the UK since 1908 and we firmly believe our new Teamac Marine range is our best yet.

In order to help you find the correct Teamac alternative to Precision we’ve provided a compatibility chart and a link to the Teamac Marine website.

If you have any questions at all, please contact our technical team on 01482 320194.

Premium A+ Antifouling Antifouling A Plus
Premium D + Antifouling Antifouling D Plus
Performance Antifouling Protector II
Antifouling Primer & Barrier Coat Metaclor Antifouling Primer
Antifouling Thinners/Brushwash Antifouling Thinners
Yacht Finish Marine Gloss
Yacht Undercoat Marine Primer Undercoat
High Performance Yacht Finish High Performance Marine Gloss
High Performance Yacht Primer Undercoat High Performance Marine Primer Undercoat
High Performance Yacht Primer Cleaner Thinners for High Performance Marine Primer
Anti-slip Deck Paint Suregrip Anti Slip Deck Paint
Anti-corrosive Metal Primer Zinc Phosphate Primer
Wood Primer Penetrating Wood Primer
Bilge & Cabin Paint Bilge & Locker Paint
Yacht Varnish Teamalak Yacht & Seaplane Varnish
General Purpose Thinners/Brushwash Thinners for Marine Gloss & Varnish